Fans who have been itching for a new glimpse at Maren Morris' fast-growing son Hayes Andrew were given a treat on Sunday (Aug. 23), when the singer posted a couple of shots commemorating her baby boy's 5-month mark.

The photos show off not only little Hayes looking healthy and robust in a fetching onesie and matching bucket hat, but also Morris in fine form — posing in an ultra-stylish, backless black crop top that belies the fact she has had a baby less than half a year ago.

Morris has had a bit of a rocky road regarding photos of her son, having sworn off sharing his pics following mom-shaming backlash back in July for posting a photo of herself and her son floating on a raft together in a lake.

"I can take someone saying my music sucks or I'm ruining country music, but, for some reason, the mother card, I can't emotionally handle right now," Morris explained of her decision at the time.

Morris has not only taken a stand against mom-shaming, but also spoken out recently of her difficulties recovering from a c-section, and her feelings of isolation and loneliness as a new mother in hopes that other new moms might relate and benefit from her shared experience. She explained that she is feeling much better now as some time has gone on, and it is easy to see that renewed health reflected in her latest social media share.

Hayes is Morris and husband Ryan Hurd’s first child. Morris and Hurd announced her pregnancy in October, after tying the knot the previous year.

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