2017 seems, sadly, to be picking up where 2016 left off when it comes to Hollywood stars passing away, with Mary Tyler Moore the latest to leave us.

We got the word early Wednesday afternoon that Mary had passed away at age 80. And, like many people, I was immediately saddened. I remember watching the Mary Tyler Moore show with my mom when I was a young kid.

And, even though we lived in Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota-- where Mary's show was set, of course-- wasn't THAT far away. It was certainly closer than California, where many shows seemed to be set back then.

While the show was filmed in Hollywood, Mary and a crew did visit Minnesota-- twice, in fact-- to film scenes for the show's title sequence. This WCCO-TV behind the scenes video from 1973 (Mary's fourth season on the air) shows just what went into filming those now-iconic scenes from what was then one of the top shows on network TV.

Fast-forward to 18:47 to see the full show open. Even though it's from nearly 43 years ago, do you recognize any of the Minneapolis settings?


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