It's something you probably haven't had happen to you while driving, but it happened earlier this week right here in Minnesota, along Highway-52.

If you've ever been behind another vehicle that has lost part of its load, you know how scary it can be. Trying to avoid a chunk of ice or snow that's just been sent flying off a car or truck ahead of you is already tough, but can you imagine if what came off a truck ahead of you was a giant piece of plastic-- a piece that then pretty much envelopes your car and swallows up your vehicle?!?

According to this Facebook post from the Minnesota State Patrol, that's exactly what happened to an SUV that was headed north on Highway-52 near the Upper 55th Street exit earlier this week.

"A large piece of heavy duty plastic flew off a dump truck on Wednesday and engulfed this SUV on Highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights. A trooper happened to be behind the vehicle and caught the incident on his dash cam," the post said.

Yikes! Luckily, the post also said the SUV's driver saw what was about to happen and as able to slow down and pull over without incident. Still, it had to be pretty freaky, right? Kudos to the driver for handling things so well-- it could have ended much worse!

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