When I first read the news that a 'dry bar' was heading for Rochester later this year, I thought it was a new place to get drinks. Turns out-- as you no doubt know-- it's actually a place to get your hair styled, but with one difference.

According this Post Bulletin story, the new salon is set to open sometime in the spring, and will be called 'Blow.' Which is a hint at what will make this salon different than some others.

"The primary focus is a 'dry bar,' in and out within 30 minutes, for our signature blow-out," explained the salon's owner, Tammie Krebsbach, in the story. Thankfully, the story went on to note that means "washing, drying and styling hair without any cutting or coloring," the story explained. Which was a nice touch-- because I had no idea what a 'dry bar' actually was.

Blow is tentatively scheduled to open in late April or early May in the 100 block of 1st Street, along the Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester, the story said. It'll be taking the place that the Exquisite Leather and Luggage Boutique, and the Love From Minnesota shops used to occupy downtown-- just a few doors down from Mac's Cafe, which also closed last year.

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