I had some friends over the other day and we were talking about how awful parking was in downtown Rochester. Someone asked where the CEO of Mayo parks his car - You gotta figure that dude has the best spot in town, right? That conversation eventually morphed into a discussion on how much money he makes.

Gianrico Farrugia took over as Mayo's CEO on January 1st. I wasn't able to find his salary, but you have to assume that it's comparable to his predecessor. John Noseworthy served as the clinic's top dog from 2009 until Dec. 31st of 2018. According to public records, he was paid $2.8 million last year. My buddy Luke decided to break that down to figure out his paychecks and his hourly wage. If paid every two weeks like the rest of us, his paycheck would be $107,692! And assuming he works a 40-hour workweek his hourly wage would have been $1,346!

The latest information from the US Census says the average American's annual income is $31,099 which breaks down to $1,196 every 2-weeks. Can you imagine making $1,346 an hour!?!? To be clear, we weren't hating on him. Mayo is the #1 Hospital in the Country and that starts at the top. There are people doing way less important things that make way more money.

And for the record, the Mayo CEO is underpaid. According to CNBC News: "In 2017, CEOs in America’s largest firms made an average of $18.9 million in compensation." By the way, we're still curious about the parking spot. If you know where it is, comment below or send me a message.

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