Never tell me there's a better hospital than Mayo, because I won't believe it.

Over 10,000 people shared it and over 160,000 people liked it. That means Rochester, Minnesota,  Mayo Clinic patient Melissa Stone went viral sharing something she discovered inside a Mayo Clinic changing room.


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Mayo Clinic says they've been offering the disposable hijab since 2018. It'll come along with your gown and cute little non-slippy-slipper-socks. IF you don't get one, just ask and you'll have one lickity-split.

Reading thru the comments and replies I learned the response was so huge because it was such an unusual and wildly welcome thing. Many religions make use of a hijab, or something like it, and many in the comments talk about feeling incredibly exposed during procedures where they could use a disposable hijab.

Ability Building Community in Rochester - Credit: Google Maps

So huge and cool and wonderful...and made right here in Rochester at the Ability Building Community! First created as surgical hoods, they serve a dual purpose.. ABC makes about 5,000 per month.

Who is Missi @HoneyBeeRock?

She said it this way on Twitter,

"Hello to everyone new from overnight! Waving hand

I'm Missi (a nickname). I'm a gerontologist & cognitive neuroscientist by day, artist & feral plant girl by evening. I have multiple compounding disabilities stemming from hEDS & inherited neurological disorders. I post a lot about cats."

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A Weekend Roadtrip for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

I absolutely love road-tripping for food...especially breakfast. This list is now my road-trip checklist.


Our listeners chimed in with their favorite small-town restaurants and even told us what to order when we visit. Below you'll see 60 great restaurants that you should try as you travel around southeast Minnesota.