Many of us take for granted that we have access to the best hospital in the country. There are many reasons that the Mayo Clinic comes out on top, but one of the biggies is that medical professionals at the clinic are constantly doing research to make advancements. These advancements and discoveries then impact the Rochester community.

The clinic is asking for your help! Back in 2016, the Mayo Clinic Shared Value Award was established. According to a press release sent out on Wednesday, this awards is given to a project that embodies the principle of "communitywide health," as a priority.  This year's winner will receive $30,000 to help with their project that'll be implemented in Olmsted County, according to the press release. This is where you come in. They need you to vote for your favorite project. Voting opens on October 15th and runs through October 21st. You can vote by clicking here!

There are three projects to pick from and here's a little more on each of the projects.

  1. "Police-Assisted Recovery"
    This project aims to help adults dealing with addictions like drugs and alcohol get sober. The goal is for these adults to become independent by the end of the program.
  2. "Meadow Park Initiative"
    This project's goal is to help folks of lower incomes make improvements to their neighborhoods to "better support their health."
  3. "Eviction Prevention"
    The goal of this project is to "increase housing stability," and help elevate the financial stress of residents.

The press release says that the runners up will also receive $5,000 to help put their projects get into action. All three of these projects could have a huge impact on Olmsted County!

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