Mayo Clinic's massive transition to its new Epic software was big news, but it also generated a big boost to Rochester's bottom line.

Even if you don't work at Mayo, it was hard to miss the transition the Clinic just went through as the new Epic system went live. Various stories since the change to Epic was announced several years ago have pegged the cost of implementing the new system at $1.5 billion.

Yeah, that's a big number. But there were also some big numbers generated by the physical switchover to Epic right here in the Med City. This ABC-6 story says that over 2,000 extra Epic trainers have been on-hand here in Rochester over the past few weeks as Mayo got ready for Epic.

Heck, even I noticed the extra visitors on the streets downtown over the past few weeks, not to mention all the extra cars parked along various streets and parking lots that, while usually busy, all seemed extra-packed. (I know, I know-- don't bring up parking downtown to any Mayo employees, right?!?)

But, those extra workers got local cash registers ringing at Rochester area retailers, the story said. From booked hotel rooms to busier restaurants and shops, the economic impact of the Epic system switchover on Rochester's economy was somewhere in the $8.5 to $9-million dollar range, the story noted.

That's pretty good. Or, should I say, that is, in fact... epic!

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