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Starting February 24th, McDonald's is launching three new chicken sandwiches. It's a nationwide roll-out, so yep, you'll get 'em here in Minnesota just as fast as they get them in Iowa or Texas.

First the new sandwiches, then why the new sandwiches.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich: Crinkle cut pickles and toasted, buttered potato roll.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich - McDonalds

Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Same thing, but with a spicy pepper sauce.

Spicy Crispy Chicken - McDonalds

Deluxe Chicken Sandwich: Getting fancy-pants, with shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes and mayo. Does this one seem familiar? Scroll down...

Deluxe Crispy Chicken - McDonalds

The Deluxe Crispy Chicken totally reminds me of a sandwich McDonald's rolled out in 1996, only the name was wildly different. Instead of the Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich it was the Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich.

But why? According to Food Business News, it all comes down to the competition hitting 'em from all the chicken sides...a chicken sandwich war, if you will.

The trio of new sandwiches is the latest launch in the ongoing chicken sandwich wars waged between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A in August 2019. In May 2020, KFC and Golden Chick threw their hats in the ring. In June 2020, Checkers and Rally’s restaurants, Sonic and Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken introduced their own iterations. Most recently, in October 2020, Wendy’s, Church’s Chicken and Zaxby’s debuted their own chicken sandwiches.

Totally unrelated, but I ran across this today and just want to put it back out there. When someone asked a pregnant mom in Iowa if she was going to breastfeed, the calls we got were great!

And as long as we're going back...let's go wayyyy back.

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