Given the likelihood of frigid temperatures occurring here every winter, it really isn't a surprise that Minnesota is one of the states with the most property damage from frozen pipes, is it?

According to a news release from State Farm Insurance, frozen water pipes-- and the damage caused by them-- is big business here in the U.S. Their release says it can occur in both cold and warm weather climates, and it affects a quarter-million families each winter.

And, it's not cheap, either. State Farm says they paid out nearly 200 million to over 11,000 claims for damage due to frozen pipes last year. It's especially a problem for states with downright bitter cold winters-- like Minnesota. Which is no doubt why State Farm says we rank fourth in the nation when it comes to damage caused by frozen water pipes.

So if it's not Minnesota, which state has the MOST damage caused by frozen water pipes? That'd be Illinois, followed by New York and Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania to round out the top five . Somewhat surprisingly, my home state of Wisconsin makes the top ten list-- but barely-- ranking ninth in the nation.

State Farm has compiled a list of tips you can do to the pipes in your home to try to prevent them from freezing and bursting-- and costing you a ton of money. You can check out their list of suggestions HERE.

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