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Chalk up one more thing in which Minnesota is highly-ranked: ordering take-out while we've all been stuck at home.

When's the last time you got some take-out food? If it's been within the last six months here in Minnesota, chances are it wasn't too long ago. At least, that's the word from this recent bid-on-equipment.com survey that says the Land of 10,000 Lakes is one of the top states in the country when it comes to ordering take-out during the pandemic.

Which makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, bars and restaurants here in Minnesota were limited to offering take-out food only from mid-March through mid-May, when they were finally allowed to open for dine-in service at a reduced capacity. So, unless you wanted to make yet ANOTHER meal at home, take-out was pretty much your only option for nearly three months.

So where does Minnesota rank on the list states that order the most take-out? As it turns out, we rank pretty high on the list, coming in at number 6. In fact, only Rhode Island (which was #1), New Hampshire (#2), Massachusetts (#3), Colorado (#4) and Maine (#5) have ordered take-out more than we here in the Bold North during the pandemic.

As a country overall, the survey said, 65 percent of us said we've been ordering more takeout since the pandemic. And, on average, Americans are spending $67 per week on takeout and ordering about 2.4 times per week, the survey noted. It also shed some light on a more altruistic reason we're ordering more takeout (other than the fact that we're sick of cooking at home):

Whether they’re dining inside, outside or ordering takeout, the majority of respondents say they’re making an effort to support local businesses over large chain restaurants. Along with making purchases, customers say they’re also tipping more, leaving positive online reviews, donating and placing larger orders.

That TOTALLY explains why Minnesota is ranked fairly high, right? (We're higher-ranked than my home state of Wisconsin, which came in at #22, and miles above Iowa, which was ranked 38th!) We're all about trying to HELP others, right? It's the true 'Minnesota Nice' at work! 😉

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