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Good news if you're flying on the biggest airline in Minnesota: it's now ranked as the second-best airline in the country for on-time flights.

It's the largest airline in Minnesota-- and it's now #2 for on-time flights

That's the word this week about Delta Airlines, which just came in second in the 2021 Punctuality League survey of airlines with the best on-time flights. The survey is an annual report compiled by U.K.-based travel analyst OAG, a provider of worldwide flight information.

And, the 2021 Punctuality League survey says Delta is #2 on the list of airlines with the most on-time flights. According to OAG, 'on-time' is defined as a flight that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of its scheduled times. And Delta has an on-time percentage of 88.4, which means if you're flying Delta, chances are pretty good your flight will take off and arrive on time.

Delta has some serious history in Minnesota

Delta is, of course, is the largest airline serving Minnesota, and has a major hub at the largest airport in Minnesota, the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP) in Bloomington.

And I still kind of think of Delta as a 'Minnesota' airline, even though it's not headquartered here. Its corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, but since Delta merged with Minnesota's Northwest Airlines back in 2008, Delta still has a major influence and presence here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Delta also offers flights out of Rochester

It's also impressive to note that you don't have to drive up Highway-52 to MSP to fly on the airline with the second-best on-time ranking, either. Delta offers connecting flights to its main hub Atlanta via MSP from right here in the Med City at Rochester International Airport.

As I mentioned earlier, Delta merged with Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines back in 2008. Northwest was one of those brands that was once huge here in Minnesota (kind of like Dayton's also was) but that now no longer exists. Which is the same for many of the following famous brands. Keep scrolling to see how many YOU remember!

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