All I can say is WOW.

For the record, I've been known to take some long showers in my day. Of course now that I have a kid who constantly likes to interrupt me because she thinks I'm playing "hide" certainly changes my routine up a bit, but my wife would still argue that unless she's washing her hair that day, I still take a longer time in there than me.

However this Vadnais Heights, Minnesota city engineer sounds like he's never spent more than 60 seconds in the shower his entire life because he thinks he knows the reasoning behind the increasingly falling water levels of White Bear Lake: Girls.

More specifically, the amount of time they spend in the shower = Forever.

According to a story from WCCO, nine northeast metro municipalities, including Vadnais Heights have been court ordered to reduce their water use but City Engineer Mark Graham thinks the girls within those cities should just take shorter showers and the problems should fix itself.

D'oh kay, Mark. It could be old/leaking pipes, people taking multiple showers a day, or even letting the water constantly run while cleaning the dishes in the sink but we'll go with your highly educated "guess" instead.

Now some of you might already be thinking "Geez, Scotty. Are you always this easily offended?" and I'd like to say that no, I'm not. In fact, I'm hardly ever offended. The point of sharing this story is to call out a sexist comment, because that's what this was: Sexist. If you don't think so then maybe there's something wrong with your way of thinking...

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