As I get older, I realize that if you want quality products, you are going to have to spend a little more money on them. If you are getting ready for winter and need some new boots, here is a boot you might want to invest in.

Bring Me The News claims Minnesota based company Duluth Pack has teamed up with Merrell to make a new boot that has been in high demand this week. The article claims that customers were having a hard time getting on the site the other day because so many people were buying Merrell X Duluth Pack Moab Boot.

Photo Courtesy of Duluth Pack

The article says that each company took what they were best at and made a boot. Duluth Pack has expertise in creating great bags and packs. They were able to provide the waterproof canvas. While Merrell has the best technology when it comes to footwear. This combination is deadly. The goal behind this collaboration was to create a quality product that would last a long time. There is nothing worse than getting snowboots that you spend a lot of money on and they don't last or... they don't meet your standards. I have not gotten these boots, but from the reviews, I think you will be overly satisfied with what you get.

Photo Courtesy of Duluth Pack

There are a few options when it comes to these boots. You can get them in steel-toe or soft-toe. The steel-toe option is for folks that work in construction. My dad and brothers have to wear them when they are working at our sand and gravel mine. I told my dad to check these out because he has a hard time finding a good waterproof steel-toe boot. If you don't work in construction, you can get away with the soft-toe. So how do you get your hands on a pair of these boots?  You can get them on Duluth Packs or Merrell's website and they range between $180 and $190. That is a really fair price for a good pair of boots.

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