I think it is so important that kids get outside and explore what the great outdoors has to offer. I grew up fishing, hiking and exploring the mountains of Colorado. Hands down I would never change one of those moments for a day inside. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resouces and Legislation agree that kiddos need to spend more time outside. That is why they are looking at giving around $182,000 in grants out according to Fox 9.

Fox 9 says that these grants are to be given to nonprofits, public entities and school groups that will put programs in place to get kiddos outdoors. They have titled this project, "No Child Left Inside." Folks at the DNR want kiddos to get some mud on their boots and learn about animals, ecosystems and outdoor sports. Many believe that the title of the program is fitting. I agree with that 100%.

The DNR website says that applications open on October 23rd and will run until all the money is accounted for. You can get your application here, but they won't be accepted until 9 AM on October 23rd.

For now, grants will range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the project. The goal is in the future to give out more money to these projects, so they can expand and grow. There are a few restrictions on what the money can not be used on. For example, you CAN NOT use the money on fishing or hunting licenses, award money or to buy firearms and ammunition. Officials want the money to directly impact the kiddos!

If you have an idea and a group of kids you work with, it is worth a shot to get some money to help you take them on an epic adventure. The sky is the limit when it comes to this project and I can't wait to hear about all the amazing opportunities kiddos in Minnesota get from this new program.

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