Adorable 9-year-old Molly Steffl was featured on America Ninja Warrior on August 26th because of her amazing story. PostBulletin says Molly isn't like any other 9-year-old. She has alopecia areata which caused her to lose all of her hair off her body. Doctors have tried different treatments, but haven't found a way to get her hair to grow back.

Like any young kiddo, elementary school playground can be a brutal place. Molly dealt with kids calling her names because she wasn't like everyone else. It wasn't until her mom talked to her class about her condition, that Molly got encouragement from a classmate. The article says that one of her classmates said,"you are like Bull from America Ninja Warrior." From that moment Molly and her mom Abbey took inspiration in the show. Abbey is a CrossFit athlete according to this article and was up for the challenge of trying to make it on the show.

Abbey started training and was able to get a shot at a qualifying run. American Ninja Warrior staff interviewed the mother, daughter duo and fell in love with them. The article says that Abbey didn't make it past the qualifying rounds, but the staff asked them to do something fun.

The two were asked to video chat in for Bulls run. Molly's mom thought it would be more memorable if she was on the sideline for Bull's run in Los Vegas. That was the first time traveling to Los Vegas for both of them, but they wanted to be on the sideline for Bull. The article says that Bull has had a huge impact on Molly's life.


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