Have you noticed the past few days people have been really depressed and down? I have and I was starting to blame it on the "January Blues." Well... guess what? Science proves that the "January Blues" are a real thing in Minnesota this year. The Department of Natural Resouces (DNR)  claims that this has been the gloomiest January in almost 60 years.

The site says the last time we have had a January with as little radiation from the sun, was January of 1963 when the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus started keeping records of weather trends like this one.

Apparently our sunless January kicked off on January 22nd. Their records cut off on January 28th and we still didn't have much radiation from the sun on January 30th. That's around seven days without the sun. Going that long without a ray of sunshine in the sky can bring folks down. Personally I've been super homesick the past few days and I think not having the sun out has something to do with it!

Minnesota's record for the longest stretch of time without seeing the sun was back in 1972. We went from October 30th to November 13th. I have my fingers crossed that the sun will come out tomorrow, so we can turn our frowns upside down into smiles. :)

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