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When it comes to the wealthiest 100 cities in the United States, two of them are right here in Minnesota.

Thanks to the gang over at Forbes.com, we can now see where the wealthiest cities in the country are located. And, yeah, the usual suspect states like New York, New Jersey and California are pretty well represented on the latest list. But there are two cities here in Minnesota that made the list.

Do you know which ones they are? I'd have guessed maybe Woodbury or Chanhassen. Heck, even our fair city of Rochester, with its high concentration of doctors, wouldn't be a bad guess. But, nope-- none of those are correct. So which two Minnesota cities are they?

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That'd be Orono (one of the west Twin Cities suburbs, about an hour and 45 minutes northwest of Rochester) and Medina (a little northwest of Minneapolis, about an hour and 50 minutes from Rochester). According to this BringMeTheNews story, they're the only two cities to make the list.

Google Street View
Google Street View

"Orono is up one spot from last year to 53rd in the nation with an average household income of $243,419. Medina made the list for the first time at 93rd overall with an average household income of $211,742," the story said.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Both of those are quite a bit higher than the average Rochester median household income of $65,195 (according to Data USA.) All of which means I guess I won't be moving to either Orono or Medina anytime soon.

And while Rochester didn't make the list, that doesn't mean Minnesota's Med City doesn't have its share of expensive houses. Keep scrolling to check out just which 10 Rochester neighborhoods have been ranked as the richest!

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