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It's pretty safe to say that while I don't reside in either of them, a survey of the richest zip codes in the country found that two of them are located right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Thanks to the gang over at Bloomberg Business, we now have a list of the 200 richest zip codes in the country. The richest? Well, that'd be a place called Fisher Island, in Miami Beach. (Heck, just the NAME sounds rich, doesn't it?)

Meanwhile, the two Minnesota zip codes that made the list aren't even close to the top-rated Fisher Island. In fact, they didn't even crack the top 100. So which ones are they?

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There are several neighborhoods that are fairly well-to-do, even in greater Minnesota. Like Rochester, Minnesota's 'Pill Hill,' where many of Mayo Clinic's highest-paid doctors and physicians reside. But to find the two Minnesota zip codes on the list of the Richest Zip Codes in the U.S., you have to head up to the Twin Cities metro: Minnesota's two entries on the list are Minnetonka and Edina, and neither is much of a surprise if you know a bit about your Twin Cities geography.

The survey says the Minnetonka zip code of 55391 is good for 113th on the list, with an average income of a whopping $345,200, and an average home price of $580,000. (Rochester's median home price is about half of that!)

Meanwhile, over in Edina, (zip code 55424, btw), Bloomberg says they're not doing too poorly, either, coming in at number 151 on the list. Their average income is slightly lower, at $312,900. But their average home price is higher, at $720,000 (though it doesn't say why that is.)

If you've ever driven by some of the houses in those neighborhoods in the Cities, you know how swanky some of those properties look. I can only imagine what the houses and properties look like down on Fisher Island. Meanwhile, if you want to know who could likely live in these exclusive zip codes, keep scrolling to check out the Highest Paid Pro Athletes in Minnesota in 2023, and how much money they're making this year.

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