It's affecting all of our lives, but apparently the ongoing coronavirus outbreak isn't as stressful for us here in Minnesota as it is in other states.

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has completely transformed our way of life here in Minnesota-- and across the globe-- and given just about all of us a new reality. From all those non-essential businesses that have been forced to close, schools that are doing distance learning, and the big challenges to those of us working in the healthcare field, there aren't many facets of our lives these days that aren't affected, right?

But apparently, things are not as stressful here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes as they might be in other parts of the country, because Minnesota has just been named the Least Stressed State in the Country for 2020 by the gang over at WalletHub.

That's right, we're ranked dead last on the list of stressful states. So what makes life so not stressful here? Well, here's what WalletHub said: We compared the 50 states across 41 key indicators of stress to determine the places to avoid and achieve a more relaxing life. Our data set ranges from average hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rate to share of adults getting adequate sleep," the survey noted.

And, yeah, overall, it doesn't get any less stressful than here in the North Star State. Our neighbor states also apparently don't have much stress, either, because Iowa, both North and South Dakota round out the Top 5 Least Stressful States, as well-- as does Utah. Even my home state of Wisconsin is fairly stress-free, too, coming in at #8 on the Least Stressful State list.

So just which state is the MOST stressful? That'd be the folks down in Louisiana, who are ranked number one on the Most Stressful State list for 2020. Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico and West Viriginia round out the top five. You can read WalletHub's entire survey HERE.

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