We were all captivated earlier this week with the story of the raccoon that had scaled the downtown St. Paul building, and now we have the perfect response to the story.

I'll admit, I was taken in by the continuing saga of the wild raccoon who had somehow started climbing all 25 floors of the UBS building in downtown St. Paul on Wednesday.

The story apparently started the day before, though, when the little feller (which we would later learn was a female raccoon) jumped up on a nearby building, only to move over to the UBS building and then start scaling it, kind of like Spiderman.

Of course, the story ended early Wednesday when the raccoon was lured to the roof of the building by some aromatic cat food, and was then live-trapped and eventually released back into the wild somewhere in the southwest Twin Cities suburbs.

It was the perfect ending-- she made it safely down, nobody was injured trying to rescue an unpredictable wild animal, and we can all feel good about ourselves.

Of course, there have been various inspirational memes created about the story, along with commemorative t-shirts and other swag too. But the best response I've seen so far came from City Pages in Minneapolis, who posed and answered the following question:

"What can business leaders learn from the #mprraccoon? Nothing. She's a raccoon."

Boom! Best. Response. Ever!

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