It legit looks like Kevin took home all the trees from the Hiawatha Homes Festival of Trees and put them in his house. Kevin Milton from Minneapolis is a huge Christmas fan, and he shows that with his decorations. He has fully decorated trees in dang near every room of his house. He even had an electrician install extra outlets to ensure he could like them up at the same time.

Several news outlets in the cities have done stories about Kevin and his "wall-to-wall Christmas experience." He has several themed trees including a Coca-Cola tree, a State Fair tree, a retirement tree, a rainbow Pride tree, an Elvis tree, and a purple tree honoring Prince. Here is a video from KARE 11 at the end of the season last year when Kevin had 50 trees in his 1500 square foot home.

You can actually visit Kevin's and take in the sights. He has an open house every year.  Unfortunately, it was an early one this year, and it happened yesterday. If you want an invite to next year's open house, email Kevin at

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