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Attention: If you don't do the things I'm writing about in this story, then it's not about you.

I don't know when the idea of a woman "friend-zoning" a man came to be, but it's just about the dumbest thing ever (speaking from my male perspective, here).

The other day, a friend here in Rochester, Minnesota, posted a story on Facebook. This was the gist of it...

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(some magazine) says Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are just friends. A source says it's a cool friendship, but just friendship."

And then he commented,

FRIENDZONED!  This happens to me all the time. Women will not give me even a chance, they just throw me in the friendzone without even one date. I'm not saying they have to marry me but they owe me a chance to show I'm a nice guy! I'm sick ofthis crap!!!

I don't know if I broke some dude code when I got him to come on the air to talk about it...but in the end, he was not happy. Click play to hear the call. If you can't listen, scroll for the transcript.




Hear the Whole Show About "The Friend Zone" Here -

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So What You're Saying Is Men Suck?

This is NOT a picture of ALL men. Anna Bryukhanova

Not all men (ha haaaa...got it in before you could message me!)...but so many that it is a real problem. So many men, in fact, that many many women feel they have to say more than 'no' to protect themselves.

Again, if you don't do this stuff, then I'm not talking about you. Do you throw an emotional tantrum when women aren't that into you? Then no need to message me and say "NOT ALL MEN!"

My friend Jeremy is in his 40s, divorced, and his feelings are hurt. That hurt is a real and valid emotion. The solution isn't to make women "give him a chance." What is the solution? Something I've said over and over and over. I'm a huge fan of counseling, it helps you really figure out you.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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