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A Minneapolis meteorologist made the most of a computer glitch that caused multiple versions of herself to appear on TV Tuesday night.

Ahh, computers-- I love 'em! Especially when they go all flunky and don't work right-- that's always fun, isn't it? I have to say, though, when something goes wrong with any of the computers we use here in the Townsquare Media Communications Complex downtown in Minnesota's Med City, I'm not nearly the good sport that this TV meteorologist was Tuesday night.

Fox 9 / KMSP-TV is the Fox network affiliate up in Minneapolis, and Jennifer McDermed is one of their meteorologists. And she had a way-cool response to a computer glitch that happened live on the air during the 9 pm newscast on Tuesday night.

I don't know the specific details about how it all works, but I do know that these days, meteorologists on TV stand in front of a green screen while they're live in the studio. All those fancy graphics and pictures we see them standing in front of are then added via computer in the control room.

Most times, everything works perfectly and it looks amazing. But when something goes wrong, you have to roll with the punches. Much like Jennifer did Tuesday night when a computer glitch made her multiply, live on TV. It was almost like a weather version of Attack of the Clones!

The end result ended up looking like some of those videos MTV used to air in the early 80's, with multiple versions of Jennifer following herself around on the screen. It's pretty funny. Take a look at the video below!

While that little glitch happened during the Fox 9 news Tuesday night, it wasn't their main story, of course. But speaking of big stories, do you know what was the big story of the year during the year you were born? Keep scrolling to see what it was!

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