While the East Coast gears up to get hit by a massive March snow storm, one meteorologist introduce a handy weather graphic we should use here in Minnesota too.


I usually roll my eyes when the national news makes a big deal out of whatever snow storm is about to hit the east coast, because it's usually not all that much, yet they make it seem like it's a TON of snow.

But this time, seeing as between one and two FEET of snow are predicted for parts of New England along with 60 mph winds, I'll agree that they're looking at a major winter storm. A blizzard, in fact. And, that's a lot of snow.

Now, keep in mind that when we had our big storm a few Fridays ago-- which was also a blizzard, according to the National Weather Service-- we didn't make the national news, so I'm still a little bitter, I guess.

But check out this weather graphic an east coast meteorologist used... I'm thinking that's one scale our local meteorologists should use here in Minnesota too... what do you think?

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