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It's been freezing, we've been stuck inside, except one Lakeville, Minnesota mom took advantage of the cold. She and her sons created a beautiful rainbow igloo in their front yard! This would be so cool to drive by every day. And this isn't the first time she's been recognized for her artistic talents.

Jessica Montenegro and her two sons have built this amazing rainbow igloo that the neighbors seem to enjoy taking in as they pass by. Jessica spoke to KARE 11 about the project. She said, "'Let’s embrace every season, every temperature.'" I love that mentality! Although, I'm not sure how she didn't freeze into an ice cube while out there building the igloo last week.

They made the igloo by putting a slush mix into cake pans and adding some food coloring. Then they sit outside for a bit until they're totally frozen and then Jessica and her sons turn them into colorful building blocks. And since it was so cold the blocks were solidly fused within a few minutes.

Now that the rainbow igloo is complete, it's time to order pizza! Jessica promised her sons that once the igloo was done they'd have pizza delivered to the igloo. Now that would be a fun dinner!

If you recognize the name Jessica Montenegro, that's because she's also responsible for the incredible driveway chalk art they do in warmer months! Jessica really embraces her creativity and loves every season, and her sons seem to have inherited that from her.

Speaking of chalk art, there's an award-winning artist, Kathleen Roling, who created a fantastic chalk mural outside of Mayo Clinic this past summer. Keep scrolling to check out pictures.

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