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Look at us bougie humans living in one of the richest states in the country!

I was reading an article from Home Snacks about where the money is at in Minnesota and they mentioned that we are actually one of the richest states in the country.

So, where are the richest cities in Minnesota? Apparently North Oaks, Orono, and Medina are the wealthiest in the state.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In North Oaks, the population is just 5,204 and the median income is a whopping $220,861 - hot damn! Meanwhile, the median home value is at $696,800. In Orono, the income was lower, but home values were just shy of $800k. Yowzers.

No wonder we were named one of the richest states. Apparently, the way they determined where we fell in the country is by using the latest data on incomes, jobs, and poverty.


According to Home Snacks, these states have prospered for various reasons, including robust industries, high-income residents, and a solid financial infrastructure.

So, what state is THE richest in the country and where does Minnesota fall on the list?

Minnesota was in the top 10 in every category easily giving us a top spot on the list.

Only 9.2% of the population here lives in poverty. The average income is $77,706 a year, and only 4.03% of people who live here don’t have a job. For a state this large, that’s crazy low, according to the study.

The only states that were seen as more affluent are New Hampshire at number one and Utah at number two.

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They also said that Minnesota literally has some of the smartest people in the US. Hey-oh!

"The state has some of the more prestigious universities in the Midwest and is the most up-to-date state in education and law enforcement in the county. People come here to find jobs and for a more peaceful and better quality of life." - HomeSnacks.

Sure, we have some poopy winters, but all that is quite impressive, in my opinion.

To read more about the other states on the list, click here. 

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