Minnesota should join a growing list of states who are passing laws to make it illegal to clog up traffic on highways by driving slowly in the left lane!

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I'd previously posted about how annoying I find behavior, especially when trying to merge onto Highway-52. But I saw THIS article over the weekend in the Star Tribune that details how other states have passed legislation to try to crack down on those drivers who don't know that the left lane is for passing only-- not cruising along slower than everybody else.

According to the story, many states now believe that drivers who continually drive slowly in the left lane of a highway (like our own Highway-52, or I-90 or I-35) and clog up traffic are actually more dangerous than drivers who go faster because the slowpoke left-lane drivers cause more road rage in those trying to get around them.

"Some experts believe that driving too slow in the passing lane is at least as dangerous as driving too fast because people trapped from behind get frustrated and make dangerous maneuvers, creating anger and accidents," the story notes.

I agree! There are few things more annoying than trying to get around a glut of cars on Highway-52 that are all clogged up because some clueless driver is out for a  leisurely Sunday drive in the left lane!

That's why I think Minnesota should join other states like Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Nevada and Oklahoma, all of which the story says have new laws increasing fines and ratcheting up enforcement on left-lane slowpokes.

Come on, Minnesota! Make it happen, will ya?

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