We already have several cities in Minnesota that share their name with cities in Texas, so I think we oughta add this new town to the list!

We already know that our own Austin, Minnesota has a bit bigger namesake down in Texas, right? (They may be bigger, but do they have the SPAM Museum? I think not.) And, of course, Houston, Minnesota also shares its name with a much larger city by that same name in Texas.

So which Minnesota city wants to change its name to match THIS Texas town? According to this story, there's a proposal to change the name of the city of Dripping Springs, Texas (a small town located west of Austin) to... get this... Pound Town.

But, hold on. The story says it's not for those reasons you're thinking-- and, yeah, you went there, right? I mean, come on, we ALL did-- but is instead to honor the town's founders, Dr. Joseph and Sarah Pound.

This GoFundMe page says the Pounds were influential in the town's history, noting that "Dr. Pound was the earliest doctor in Hays County, and the Pound house served as a medical office and hospital, church, schoolhouse, post office and social gathering place for the fledgling community of Dripping Springs," the page says.

And, it looks like the Dripping Springs folks should get those new 'Pound Town' signs ready, because according to their GoFundMe page, the total amount needed to facilitate that change has already been met-- a total of $2,279 was raised in just 5 days last year, and that total donated to the Pound House Foundation where it 'may or may not' result in a ballot initiative to change the name.

So, will any city here in Minnesota change their name to match Pound Town down in Texas? While the League of Minnesota Cities says some Minnesota cities HAVE, in fact, changed their name, I'm not holding my breath for this one to happen anytime soon. Though it'd be cool if it did, wouldn't it?

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