The stats are in and Minnesota is once again one of the top states in U.S-- but this time it's because we could all really use a haircut.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, we've been under Gov. Walz's Stay-At-Home order here in Minnesota since March 27th. However, the Gov. closed bars and restaurants a few days ahead of that order, at 5 p.m. on March 17th. And, the next day, the Minnesota Department of Health issued a directive that closed all salons, as well.

Which means, depending upon when you had your last trip to see your hairstylist, things might be getting a wee bit shaggy up on top, right? I know I could use a trip see my stylist. I had an appointment set for Thursday, March 19th, but as we know, that didn't happen! And, it looks like I'm not alone. Because, as it turns out, Minnesotans are ranked third in a new survey of states that really need a haircut.

That's the word from health and wellness site anyway. They looked at geotagged Twitter data over the last 30 days and tracked tweets about needing a haircut during COVID-19, when barbers and hair salons throughout the country are closed.

And their results say, yeah, we could use a little trim here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. In fact, only Georgia and Illinois need haircuts more urgently than we do here in Minnesota. Massachusetts, North Dakota, Texas, Connecticut, Iowa, Nevada and Tennessee round out the top ten states.

You can check out their COVID-19 Haircut State Map HERE.  Now, pass me a hat, will you?

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