If you're looking for that special someone for Valentines Day-- and you're looking online-- relax, because Minnesota is one of the safest states for online dating.


Online dating, whether you're using a site like Plenty of Fish or an app like Tinder, is exploding in popularity these day. (Heck, my wife and I first met each other on Chemistry.com over 6 years ago already.)

And, according to a joint study by highspeedinternet.com and SafeWise, Minnesota is the ninth safest state for online dating. The number-one state? Vermont. Washington, D.C., meanwhile, is the most dangerous state (even though it's a district, not a state).

How did they arrive at these rankings? Well, they looked at cyber crime violent crime numbers along with STD cases reported per capita for each, and then factored in population, demographics and a few other numbers (you can read exactly how they did it HERE) to compile the rankings.

So while Minnesota is the 9th safest state, over in Wisconsin (my home state), they're only ranked at #20. Iowa came in at #14.

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