Not that it's a surprise, but Minnesota is doing a pretty good job at social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

And that's not just our Minnesota nice-ness coming out, either. That's according to a new survey just completed by the gang over at the health website They put together a pretty intriguing map based on geotagged Twitter data collected since March 1st. They tracked Twitter discussions and hashtags about social distancing, for example, #socialdistancing, and #stayhomesavelives. They looked at and tracked over four million tweets.

And, sure enough, Minnesota made the top ten states when it comes to social distancing. We were ranked 7th on their list, which isn't bad when you consider there are 43 other states doing a worse job than we are here in Minnesota.

The state doing the best job with social distancing? That'd be Massachusetts, which was ranked first, followed by Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Utah and our neighbors to the south in Iowa.

Rounding out the top social distancing states were Colorado, Hawaii and Connecticut. The worst state when it comes to social distancing is... Louisiana. The survey also note, perhaps not coincidentally, that 'Louisiana currently has the highest growth rate of Covid-19 cases in the world,' the survey said.

I guess it's not a surprise the map has Minnesota listed as one of the top states that are observing proper social distancing. Gov. Tim Walz cited similar results in his Tuesday press conference and noted that the good job we're doing as a state is one of the reasons he's held off on issuing a 'shelter in place' order other states have already been observing.

So, well done, Minnesota! Keep staying home... and keeping at least 6-feet apart from each other!

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