As Dale Earnhardt Jr. states in the show, it's also home to a drive-in, but the Elko Speedway is home to Saturday night races that bring out local racing families like the Larson family. The Larson's and the Elko Speedway were featured on 'Drivers and Dreams: Grassroots Racing in America' this weekend on NBC Sports. 

The Larson family's story begins around the 8:40 mark of the video above. It features Jack Larson a 21-year-old racer who has Asperger's syndrome, and his family. Driving according to Jack's mom makes him feel "free".

The entire program was filmed on August 17th, 2019 across multiple racetracks in the US. From North Carolina to Maine, Minnesota, and Alaska.

The Elko Speedway according to its website features three divisions that race under the NASCAR Banner. The three NASCAR banner divisions are Late Models, Thunder Cars, and Power Stocks.

The entire piece is on grassroots racing across America. If you've got the time check it out as the focus on Jack and the Larson family runs about 8 minutes.


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