I'm trying my best to raise well-behaved, responsible children, but there is no manual so I wonder if what I'm doing is effective. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota does offer some advice on how to raise good kids. They say you need to make them do chores and you should start them at a young age like 2 or 3! The research shows that chores, as much as kids hate them, make the child feel like a contributing member of the family and teach them responsibility and work ethic.

Researcher Shane Owens told Fatherly: “The skills that kids learn early will last most of their lives. Chores teach kids skills that they will need to survive on their own and to get along with others. From an evolutionary perspective, chores teach kids how to take care of themselves and to be a cooperative, productive member of the tribe. Kids who do chores learn to organize their time and to delay gratification. Both of those are vital skills for later success. Kids cannot learn to do that unless they are provided the opportunity and expected to do chores like cleaning up after themselves and helping with cooking, doing the dishes, and laundry. A kid who learns early to do chores will be a more generous and cooperative partner.''

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