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There is a restaurant in west-central Minnesota called Backroads Steakhouse that seems to be well-loved by their community. There are so many people that love their food that many people driving by thinking the restaurant is open for dine-in. Backroads has been incorrectly reported to the police 6 different times since the 'pause' Governor Walz put into effect on November 21st.

One of the most recent times Backroads got reported was last Thursday night. The owner, Mahrie, shared a photo of the parking lot from that day along with a post explaining the story.

She said they were working on fulfilling "125+ Burger/Shake specials ... while offering our regular menu as well." They went through 19 gallons of ice cream that day! While they were hard at work they got a call from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office saying someone had called the Sheriff's Office claiming Backroads was open. In reality, they had the lights on because people were hard at work inside, and the parking lot was full because that many people were waiting on their takeout order.

Mahrie writes, "To clarify, we are not/have not been open for dine-in. If you have a genuine concern, give me a jingle ... and I will gladly address it."

You can find the whole Facebook post HERE.


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