We've had a lot of trends and challenges go viral this summer. Some were fun, like the #InMyFeelings Challenge, or the Fluff Challenge. Others were inspiring like the Level Up Challenge. Or there were several that reasonably made parents more concerned (like the Hot Water Challenge, or teenagers eating Tide pods.)

However, if there's one social media trend that I loved more than most this year, it was the Lip Sync Challenge - Where both police officers and firefighters were able to show a whole new side of themselves by producing hilarious lip sync challenge videos.

From the Backstreet Boys, to Luke Bryan, even Ferris Bueller from the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department, cop shops across the nation joined in and made their case for best lip sync video of the summer. But now, USA Today has made it official by giving one department the ultimate bragging rights by setting up a Lip Sync "March Madness-Style" Bracket", and a one from Minnesota needs your help!

Dakota County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s Office has been ranked as a top competitor for the Best Lip Sync Challenge Video in the entire country! Four videos from each of four regions (West Coast, East Coast, Midwest and the South) are competing for this honor and they just so happen to be representing our state in the Midwest Region!.

You can pick your favorite from each region (although, why wouldn't you pick your home-town favorite?) The winner from each will then go head-to-head to eventually be declared USA TODAY’s winner of the law enforcement lip sync challenge!

Voting for round one ends Friday, August 31 at noon ET.

A link to the poll can be found HERE

Let's help make Dakota County reach #1!!

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