If you're an animal lover, you'll LOVE this story-- even if its ending is a tear-jerker.


When I was growing up, eagles were still considered endangered species, so seeing one in the wild was pretty rare. And even though their population is increasing, it's still a pretty out of the ordinary sight to see a bald eagle, isn't it?

Well, it's not if you're Minnesota State Trooper Paul Kingery. That's because he not only sees bald eagles, he rescues them-- two of them, to be exact-- in the span of just a year.

According to a post on the Minnesota State Trooper Facebook page, Trooper Kingery rescued an eagle, thought to have a broken wing, along the shoulder of I-35 in Eagan earlier this month. That's after having previously rescued an injured bald eagle last year off I-494, also in Eagan.

Both times, the trooper took the majestic birds to the Raptor Center at the U of M, where they were nursed back to health. Trooper Kingery got to help release the eagle he rescued last year back into the wild after it had healed. How cool!

Sadly, though, as the update below notes, this time, things didn't have the happy ending that last year's rescue did. :(

But a big shout-out for Trooper Kingery for trying his best to help both of these majestic birds.

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