Kimberly June Neubauer, a former teacher at Princeton Public Schools, is facing assault charges for allegedly hitting a kid during gym class with a hockey stick earlier this year. The incident caused the kid, a second-grader at the time, to lose teeth and also extensive damage to the mouth.

According to the article on Bring Me The News, “Court documents show 62-year-old Kimberly June Neubauer, from Princeton, has been charged with one count of third-degree assault, causing substantial bodily harm. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 20.”

The incident was first reported as a criminal complaint soon after it occurred on March 29th. The complaint includes the boy's dentist stating the kid “had a tooth ‘completely knocked out with no root tips left behind.’” And the injuries he faced required medical attention.

The mother, Jodi Johnson, made many additional complaints about the school claiming they lied to her. It is also reported from Bring Me The News that the school posted “a tribute to the teacher stating that she retired from her position after 27 years, but hastily deleted it” because of backlash from Johnson and other parents. Johnson even stated on Facebook

She deserves nothing. She was forced to retire for physically assaulting my son

A surveillance video of the incident was released about a month later showing what had happened. To watch the video and read what happened, click here for the article.

According to the article, if convicted, Neubauer faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

For more on what Jodi Johnson had to say as well as the school, and the situation as a whole, visit this article here, or this article with the video from the same website. All information is credited to these two articles.

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