I haven't been enjoying all the humidity but for the most part, I really enjoy the summer weather in Minnesota. The warmth from the sun feels so good, especially when we know what we have to deal with a majority of the year. So it makes sense that, based on weather data, Minnesota's 'perfect day' is coming up this month.

When is Minnesota's 'Perfect Day'?

Based on data collected over 36 years by WeatherSpark, it has been determined that July 18th is the perfect day in Minnesota. So that's coming up! We better make some plans to get outside that day.

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How Was Minnesota's 'Perfect Day' Determined?

A website called Family Destinations Guide took the data from WeatherSpark and made the decision of the 'perfect day'. They settled on July 18th because it's the average of the day with the most predicted sunshine (July 10th), the day with the best temperature (August 22nd), and the longest day of the year (June 21st).

So How's the Weather Looking for July 18th?

So I had to see what the weather is looking like right now for July 18th. On my weather app (I use The Weather Channel app) it says that the high for Monday, July 18th is supposed to be 89 degrees, a low of 70, with partly cloudy skies and just a bit of wind which is a miracle for Rochester. So overall, it'll be a hot day but hey, that's summer for you and I'm honestly looking forward to it!

Keep scrolling for summer events going on in the area so you can make plans to enjoy Minnesota's 'perfect day'.

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