Here in Minnesota, we're proud of our hometown businesses. Which no doubt explains why we're the only state in the country where this coffee shop has the most locations.

Minnesota has long been known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, right? Last year, when Super Bowl LII was being hosted here, the phrase 'Bold North' was also popularized. We're also known as the North Star state. All these monikers point to the fact that we're proud of our location, climate and everything that comes with them, right?

And nothing characterizes all those Minnesota-esque things like our own Caribou Coffee, right? I mean the very name references an animal that's only found here in the north. And, Caribou's stores are all about the 'up north' cabin vibe, right?

Which explains why, according to this Mapitude Map of Coffee Shops Concentration by State, Caribou Coffee has the most locations of any coffee shop here in Minnesota. Which is cool, because in most other states, those national coffee behemoths, Starbucks and Dunken, have the most locations.

It's that way in both Wisconsin and Iowa, where Starbucks has the most. In Canada, Tim Hortons (which just closed most if not all of its locations in Minnesota) no doubt has the most locations. But not here. Even though Caribou Coffee is found in 18 other states along with Minnesota, we're the only state where its locations outnumber all the others.

Maptitude map of coffee shops and largest coffee chain by state

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