When it comes to getting our vote on, nobody does it better than the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


The results have all been tabulated, the winners and losers decided, but here's one area of the midterm elections from earlier this month that's kind of interesting: voter turnout.

By all accounts, experts were predicting a larger-than-usual turnout for a midterm election. And, it turns out, they were right. But out of all 50 states (and the District of Columbia), which state had the highest voter turnout?

Yeah, that'd be us here in Minnesota.

Not that we're bragging much (okay, we totally are) but check out the graphic in this CNBC story that lists the voter turnout rate. (You can look at an alphabetical list of those same results from the United States Elections Project HERE)

It plainly shows Minnesota with a turnout rate of 64.2%-- the highest on the map. Wisconsin didn't do too badly, either, coming in at 61.2%. Iowa was up there, too, at 57.7%. But, nope, ain't nobody else who did their civic duty better than us here in the Bold North!

And, in some Minnesota counties, the voter turnout was even HIGHER than the statewide average of 64.2%. Like here in Olmsted County, where the turnout rate was nearly 78.7%. (That's good, but still below the 2016 Presidential election, where a whopping 81% of Olmsted County voters turned out.)

So congrats, Minnesota! When it comes to voting, we're #1!

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