It wouldn't matter how much I see this truck, I would always be honking my horn!

We all know it to be true (okay, SOME of us don't buy it, but still...), Green Bay sucks. This Minnesota Vikings truck says just that, and frankly, it is something I think we should all get behind. As a Vikings fan, I am one that would jump all over the opportunity to give this truck a ride.

I bet they get several honks a day and maybe even by the minute.

Big thanks to Fred Delaney for the photos, but as you can see this truck is owned by a huge Vikings fan. One that is probably thinking Super Bowl after the squad's performance from a year ago!

I was lucky enough to tailgate at a couple Vikings games throughout my life. We had a bus that we filled with people and had a good time. We never had anything like this. Granted, this truck won't fit many people, but you can bet they will be having a good time!

Next time you see it, be sure to honk!