Are buffets making a comeback since the pandemic? Personally, I love them because you generally have a wide variety of food to choose from but it seems like they are few and far between nowadays. But two restaurants one in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin that are set up as buffet-style restaurants have managed to thrive and have even been chosen as some of the top buffets in the U.S.

The problem at least in the U.S. with buffets is that they sometimes get the reputation of being more about quantity than quality but obviously, that is not always the case, Especially when it comes to these particular restaurants. The top 20 list from is not in any particular order but congratulations to these particular two places.

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Representing Wisconsin is North Country Steak Buffet in La Crosse. Established in 2001 it is all you can eat all day every day. They have over 66 items with different daily menus along with a Hot Buffet menu of the day. They also have a salad and taco bar along with a cold buffet as well. Can you imagine an unlimited array of steaks, burgers, chicken, and more? Sounds like a little slice of heaven. And of course, they have a wide variety of desserts that rotate daily.

Representing Minnesota is Q. Cucumbers on France Avenue in Edina. This family-owned restaurant prides itself on serving fresh healthy ingredients. Can you even imagine a 50-foot salad bar? It is packed with so many vegetables and salad toppings and fresh fruit it will be hard to choose what you want. I would have a hard time eating anything after that but I would try to make room for homemade soups, hot entree specials as well as their bakery items.

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