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Minnesotan Tina Nguyen got married last year in her dream wedding dress. Now she wants to share the joy with other less fortunate brides by lending her dress to those who can't afford one of their own.

Tina immigrated to the US from Vietnam and she feels very grateful for what she has. She told KARE 11, "[My grandma] always reminded me of where we came from, the struggle. She's like, you are privileged to live in a life that you currently have, and that privilege, you need to know and always, always recognize that."

So she decided to share her beautiful wedding dress with other brides. She got it cleaned and pressed and posted it online listed as "free". KARE 11 writes that Tina's wedding photographer, Madalyn, found out what she was doing and decided she also wanted to lend her wedding dress to less fortunate brides. That's when their Facebook group launched.

The group is called Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Dress and it was just started earlier this month. Brides and former brides can join the group. Brides can look for a dress if they aren't able to afford one. Former brides can share their dress if they're interested and offer it up to a bride in need.

There are tons of posts on the Facebook group already and the group just started on October 9th of this year! I'm so glad that brides who aren't able to afford their own dream dress have the opportunity to still feel like a bride like they deserve on their big day.

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