Can you imagine losing all the pictures from one of the happiest days of your life? 


Your wedding day was probably one of the most memorable days of your life, right? Well, what would you do if you suddenly lost all the pictures of your wedding?

That's what happened to one yet-unnamed couple. According to this Fox-9 story, Twin Cities photographer Joy Adams recently found a memory card from a digital camera at in a park in Burnsville.

The card is filled with pictures of some couple's wedding. But whose wedding is it?!? The story says Joy has set out on a mission to return the card, complete with the wedding pictures, to its rightful owner.

She started by noticing that many of the pictures were taken outside on a golf course. She did some checking with Minnesota courses, but didn't have any success. Eventually, somebody recognized the landscape as a venue in Texas! (Texas?!? So how did the memory card make its way up here to Minnesota?!?)

Joy's reached out to the venue, but the story says as of yet still hasn't had any success. She's shared the story on social media, too, and is hoping somebody, somewhere can identify the couple in the pictures.

You can read more on the story HERE -- maybe we can help return those pictures to their owner!

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