I'm not sure I'm buying Minnesota's entry on a new list of the favorite vegetables in each state.

The gang over at Green Giant just put together a national survey of the Favorite Vegetable in Each State. (Just as an aside, and not that it has anything to do with this survey, but you can visit the Jolly Green Giant here right in Minnesota, mind you, in Blue Earth-- even though the canning plant there isn't owned by Green Giant anymore. But I digress.)

Anyway, can you guess what the most popular veggie is here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Hang on-- it's... broccoli.

Broccoli?!? Really?!?

Hey, I don't mind broccoli-- especially if there's some ranch or cheese sauce to dip it into-- but are we sure that's the most popular here in Minnesota? What about corn? Don't we all wait until we can get our hands on that first fresh corn on the cob in the summer? You don't see people walking around eating grilled broccoli at the Great Minnesota Get-Together every year, do you? And, heck, even here in the Med City, our famous water tower doesn't sport a broccoli floret on it, does it?

But broccoli it is, according to Green Giant. Their survey asked 5,000 Americans earlier this year to vote on which vegetable, and, sure enough, broccoli came out on top-- not just here in Minnesota but in 37 states as well.

Geez, broccoli was even the favorite down in Iowa, where there's a TON of corn. Where's the corn love, people?!? Maybe my corn bias has something to do with my being a Wisconsin native-- corn was voted the favorite veggie back in America's Dairyland.

You can check out the whole favorite veggie survey HERE.

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