Bad news if you're running late and you're flying out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport!

That's because the results of a new survey show that MSP up in Bloomington is the third-worst airport in the U.S. if you're late. But, it's actually a GOOD thing, because at MSP, flights tend to mostly leave on-time. But, then again, that's a BAD thing-- if you're running late-- because that means you have a greater likelihood of missing your flight here in Minnesota.

That's some twisted logic, but I guess it makes sense. Earlier this year, we'd heard how well the Minneapolis airport performed when it comes to on-time flights. (You can read the results of THAT study HERE.)

But now, according to this study from FinanceBuzz, Minnesota's own MSP airport ranked third on their list of Worst Airports For Late Travelers. "For the chronically late of the world, FinanceBuzz analyzed data for the 45 busiest airports in the U.S. to find the ten worst airports to depart from if you’re running late — these are the airports where you're most likely to miss your flight if you cut it close," the site said.

The study ranked airports based on 12 categories, including average TSA wait times, number of departing passengers, on-time departure percentage, number of gates and terminal square footage.

Only Douglas International Airport in Charlotte and Newark Liberty International Airport scored higher than MSP for those who are running late. So what helped MSP earn its high ranking on the list? The relatively short TSA wait times (just over an average of 30 minutes) and our 84-percent on-time rate, FinanceBuzz noted.

So, head's up if you're flying out of MSP soon-- better give yourself some extra time!

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