Summer is kicking off, and with the price of gas right now, maybe a long family road trip is out of the question. The good news is you can find some of Minnesota's most unique attractions right here in Southeast Minnesota.

The folks at Pro Mover Reviews put together a list of the most unique must-visit attractions in the U.S., and in Minnesota, a pair of natural wonders and a museum dedicated to canned meat made the list.

Keep scrolling to see and read about the most unique attractions in Minnesota.

1. Minneopa Falls

A little jaunt westward will land you at Minneopa Falls near Mankato. Pro Movers says, "These eight-foot-wide falls plummet forty feet into the water below. Well-designed surrounding trails and bridges allow you to catch some truly stunning views and photos of this famous waterway."

Photo by weston m on Unsplash
Photo by weston m on Unsplash

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2. Niagara Cave

Reverse field and head southeast to Harmony to explore Niagara Cave, where, "Brave adventurers can head a mile underground through narrow grottos, stunning limestone formations, and a range of natural streams and waterfalls." The cave is open through October 31.

Niagara Cave mn
Niagara Cave

3. Spam Museum

Jump on Highway 218 South to Austin, home of the Spam Museum. Shouldn't this be a required visit for true Minnesotans? Pro Movers states, "The stylish exhibit mirrors a vintage shopping center and walk you around the world to see how spam has made an impact since its creation in the mid-20th Century." Also, it's free.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

If you have a little extra time, Wisconsin has the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, the Apostle Island Sea Caves along the northern coast and the National Mustard Museum, which should be paired with your stop at the Spam Museum, in Middleton.

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