We're so happy to hear that this story has a wonderful ending!

Earlier this week, we shared a story from Kenyon Police Department, requesting assistance in locating 15-year-old Audrey Luke from Montgomery. At the time, it was believed she could've possibly been in the Kenyon area. Officer Lee pleaded with Audrey, as a father, to come home to her family.


This method just might've worked. We only needed to read one word from Officer Lee in Kenyon to get a flutter going in our hearts... "returning"...to jump for joy!

Check out the happy update below! Audrey has been found!

This is incredible news! We're so grateful she's safe!

We don't know a lot about the circumstances of her return home, but regardless, she is alive and safe. Officer Lee further explained on Facebook, "She was not found in Kenyon or in our surrounding area, and I want to take a moment and thank everyone for the kind words, leads, and all the hard work that went into helping find her."

Thank you Officer Lee, and the Kenyon Police Department, for such a heartwarming letter to Audrey and update on her safe return!

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