He probably deserved this! The Grinch was arrested in Minnesota this week and charges are currently pending. While there are many crabby characters during the holidays, he definitely takes the cake.

In similar news, a man dressed like a character stole a bunch of stuff from Mall of America! The strange story made headlines this week as well, with a man dressing like a witch and stealing hundreds of thousands worth of jewelry.

Another crime making headlines? Illegal school bus passing. It is at an epidemic level, according to many surveys and stories. More people than ever are passing school buses when they aren't supposed to.

On top of all of these crimes, there are also many scams to worry about. I came across a jury duty scam that was reported by a local police department in Minnesota. One Minnesotan was even scammed out of a big chunk of money.

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What the Grinch did might take the cake though and that is why he was arrested. The Anoka County Police Department arrested him on Monday (December 12th), sharing photos of the arrest on social media the next day.

Curious what he was arrested for? Identity theft and burglary! Now that he has been arrested, he will no longer be able to try to ruin Christmas for everyone. He was arrested on Monday in the afternoon, probably because he was easy to spot, given the fact that he is lime green.

People were absolutely loving this, with many weighing in with their own jokes in the comments section. Here are some of my favorites:

  • "Please make arrangements for his dog (answers to Max) to be fed and sheltered."
  • "I was wondering where my boyfriend was...glad to know he is safe!"
  • "The grinch doesn't hate Christmas he hates people...that's fair"
  • "For those of us who identify with the Grinch's distaste for the season, it is traumatic to see our hero locked up."

This certainly brought many some Christmas cheer. This is the content we need in 2022! I love it. Thank you for the laugh. By the way, Anoka is only a few hours from here so if The Grinch escapes, he could make a beeline north.

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